New Features for iMindMap 6.2 – Coming Soon

February 27th, 2013

It’s just around the corner…

After long hours of work and a few sleepless nights, our developers are now adding the finishing touches to iMindMap 6.2. The 6.2 update will be free to all of our users who are currently using the iMindMap 6 software. The features are all designed to make you look better, so we hope you’ll enjoy them!

NEW Social Sharing

When 6.2 is released you will be able to share your Mind Maps on Twitter and Facebook at the touch of a button. iMindMap 6.2’s new social sharing feature allows you to re-size your map and post it directly to the social network of your choice. It couldn’t be simpler.

NEW Online Viewer

For those of you who have been begging us for a way of sharing an interactive Mind Map online with many people, the answer is coming! You will be able to share a unique link to your map using our new viewer. Move around, collapse and expand branches within the viewer and even obtain code that will allow you to embed a map in your own website.

NEW Presentation Mode Audio Notes*

Audio notes are great fun, but nothing new to the experienced iMindMapper. However, now they work in conjunction with presentation mode it is a whole new ball-game. You can set up an iMindMap presentation so that when you press play you can watch it unfold with your audio fully synchronised. Just sit back, relax and let that big work presentation take care of itself. You can even export the whole thing as a video.

NEW Box Branch and Flowchart Shapes* and Colours

You can now choose from 16 different shapes for your box branches and fill them in with any colour of your choice. iMindMap 6.2 will also have a further 11 assorted shapes for your flowcharts, so you can make them as bespoke as you wish and ensure that they really stand out.

NEW 3D Images* and Central Ideas

Where would an iMindMap update be without a barrel-full of new images and central ideas? Our Development and Creative Media teams have ensured that you now have even more choice when Mind Mapping in three-dimensions.

All of these features will soon be with you so keep an eye on your inbox for more information on the release of iMindMap 6.2. If you do not yet have iMindMap 6 then you can buy it here and, when 6.2 is released, you will get the update for free.

*Selected features only available in iMindMap 6 Ultimate.

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  1. Thank you for this great news and new gift.

    You are doing a fantastic job. I’m so excited about the viewer option which will give a new dimension to the experience of people who discover mind maps and iMindMap, as well as on my blog. I remember the time (more than 2 years ago) where I added it in the list of ideas on Finally we get it.

    The voice over presentation into video is just perfect for those like me who plan to create e-learning sessions. It’s exactly what we were looking for!

    I’m a big fan of your tool and with such development, I’m not going to change very soon!

  2. Very nice update to the software. Like the Facebook sharing.

  3. HelenA

    Lovin the sound of the upgrade, you guys think of everything!

  4. Gianni Dominici

    very good, the Online Viewer is what we were waitng for!

  5. Anuj Sethi

    It will be nice to be able to embed a mind-map on your own website.

  6. This update will be great to use for my own business and share with many people around me!!! Can’t wait to get this update….

  7. jefferson

    Good to hear it! New features are always welcome!

    But I hope they also have corrected some annoying bugs that are present on iMindmap 6.1.
    Actually there only a few bugs on the current release. But some of them were not solved between releases 6 and 6.1, and I do not know if they will be solved on 6.2.
    The worst is the one that make fonts look different depending on the size of the box branch. Some lines of the text appears slightly different of the others lines. The workaraound is resizing the box branch until it looks OK. It is annoying because you need to check every box branch. Another problem related to this is that it is not good for the readers eyes. Texts should be always the most clear as possible.

    It would be interesting a report showing us wich bugs have been solved in between releases.

    Otherwise, congratulations! iMindMap is the best mindmap software I ever used. I’m writing this just in order to make it even better.

  8. Lu Qian

    wow,looks wonderful! new features, more choices.

  9. Ian S

    And the big question – have you ‘gone retina’ on the Mac version?

  10. Sharon Curry

    Wonderful update thank you! Each step forward helps us to help others see the potential behind the tool. Can’t wait!

  11. Alejandro

    a linux based (say WINE installer) would be highly appreciated!

  12. Excellent move Toni and Chris I await to receive the expected baby boom of the imindmap series – keep walking
    kamal darouni

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