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premium collection

Premium Collection

The ThinkBuzan Premium Collection – the very best Mind Mapping, memory training and creative thinking skills resources that ThinkBuzan has to offer.

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Memory master collection

Memory Master Collection

The Memory Master Collection is a select anthology of Tony Buzan’s memory training resources. Want to improve your memory? This is the set for you.

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Business Collection

Business Collection

Corporate innovation and creative problem solving skills for increased productivity and competitive advantage – at your fingertips.

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Tony Buzan’s Master Class & Ageproof Your Brain — DVD Combo

DVD Combo

Special Offer: Save 30% on two Tony Buzan courses when you buy our DVD combo package.

Get the ultimate Tony Buzan brain-boosting combo including Ageproof Your Brain with Tony Buzan AND Tony Buzan’s Master Class DVD courses

Don’t miss out on expert brain training from Tony Buzan. Learn More →

Combo DVD offer:

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New Online Courses from Tony Buzan & Chris Griffiths

How to Mind Map

From Tony Buzan

Learn to capture information and ideas with the technique that is helping over 250 million people worldwide to be more organised, productive and creative. Learn More →


Mind Mapping for Core Business Skills

Learn practical and repeatable Mind Mapping techniques to enhance your core business skills such as organisation, negotiation and presentations.
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Brainstorming That Works

A Crash Course in Creative Thinking

Overcome the basic (but deadly) mistakes that are crippling your creativity and blocking innovative solutions, with interactive exercises and techniques from Chris Griffiths.
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Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking

Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking Book

Five decades ago, Tony Buzan invented the Mind Map. Now over 250 million people worldwide are embracing Mind Mapping, the infinitely flexible creative thinking tool, and enjoying its versatility in all areas of education, business and home life.

In this latest collaboration with creator of iMindMap software and author of GRASP The Solution, Chris Griffiths, the inventor of Mind Maps explores and defines the multiple innovative uses for Mind Mapping in modern life.
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Brain Training for Kids

Brain Training for Kids Book
Brainteasers, word searches, memory games and Mind Maps to help children learn thinking skills, and develop their amazing brains.

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Tony Buzan’s Master Class

Tony Buzan's Master Class
Tony Buzan’s official learning resource for core brain training, including memory training, thinking skills, speed reading and creativity training.

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GRASP The Solution

GRASP The Solution Book
Discover inspiring and proven creative problem solving strategies with Chris Griffiths, and boost your productivity and profit margin.

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Ageproof Your Brain – DVD

Ageproof Your Brain - DVD
In this official 5 DVD course, leading authority on the brain Tony Buzan teaches you creative thinking skills to Ageproof Your Brain.

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Quick Steps to a Better Memory

MIG book
Discover the secrets of memory training. Improve your memory for business and personal success.

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The Most Important Graph – DVD

Learn Tony Buzan’s top memory techniques in the Most Important Graph in the World memory training DVD.

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The Most Important Graph Combo- DVD & Book

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