iMindMap Home & Student

iMindMap Home & Student is our user-friendly Mind Mapping tool, kitted out with features to help you capture ideas quickly and make great looking Mind Maps your way.

Whether you are revising for an exam, organising your schedule or planning a big event, Mind Mapping with Home & Student is guaranteed to help you learn the facts in less time, illustrate ideas and juggle tasks.


Branch Art

Branch Art

Choose from our range of diverse new Branch Art designs and apply them to any branch on your map. It doesn’t just make your Mind Maps look good – with arrows, lightning bolts, roads and more – it also helps you to visually represent your ideas.

*Feature only available in 2D

Sketch Tool

Get Creative

Make great looking Mind Maps with our extensive Image & Icon Libraries, our clever Sketch Tool and range of Styles to switch the look of your map to suit your topic.



See the bigger picture and the little details when you’re juggling tasks by creating multiple maps on one canvas with MultiMaps.

Focus In and Out

Get Thinking

Shut out the background noise with Focus In & Out to explore ideas thoroughly. Test your knowledge by using Expand & Collapse to show & hide parts of your Mind Map.

Templates, Wizards and Map Snippets

Templates, Wizards and Map Snippets

Creating maps is a piece of cake when you can choose from our range of ready-made Templates, such as Essay Planner, CV and Weekly Planner. Save regularly used parts of your maps as Map Snippets to insert when needed. Our Wizards are perfect for Mind Mapping newbies. Select a Wizard topic and follow it step-by-step as it draws your Mind Map for you.

Record and Capture

Record and Capture

Use Audio Notes to record chunks of information in class or at home. Attach to branches in your map along with weblinks, files or text notes for organised resources.


Stay Tidy

When you’re busy taking notes, or brainstorming ideas, our clever SmartLayout will take care of the formatting and drawing of your map to keep it all looking balanced and tidy.

Export Image

Share Your Ideas

With iMindMap Home & Student you can export your maps as Image & PDF files, making it easy as pie to share your Mind Maps with friends, family, classmates or teachers.

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If your Mind Mapping needs are a little more high-powered, look no further than iMindMap Ultimate. With our complete feature set, you can capitalise on your creativity in our 3D environment, wow your audiences with the flexible and impressive Presentation View, insert Flowcharts right alongside your Mind Map and utilise an extensive range of export options.

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