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iMindMap Home & Student is our light version designed for personal users and young students.


If you would like to buy iMindMap for more than 1 user, take a look at our multi-user pricing.

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iMindMap Home & Student features


Generate Innovative ideas

Get creative

Make great looking Mind Maps with our image library, our clever Sketch Tool and a range of styles to make your Mind Maps unique.


Visualise your ideas

Create jaw-dropping Mind Maps with our new Branch Art designs. With arrows, lightning bolts, roads and more, to visually represent your ideas.

Images and visuals


Creative Workspace

Share your creations

With iMindMap Home & Student you can export your Mind Maps as image & PDF files, making it easy as pie to share your creations with friends, family, classmates or teachers.


One flexible workspace

iMindMap works for you – simply add images, notes, web-links and files to capture lots of information on one, easy to navigate canvas.

One workspace

“ThinkBuzan’s Mind Mapping software is the most creative piece of technology I’ve ever used.”


Graham Cullen, Headteacher, Porchester School, UK

“iMindMap gives a professional edge to a creative and fun process. It is a fantastic tool for teaching- I just wish I’d started using it sooner.”


Alison Jones, Accountancy Lecturer, UK


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If you would like to buy iMindMap for more than 1 user, take a look at our discounted multi-user pricing.


Step up to iMindMap Ultimate


Our unbeatable iMindMap Ultimate software comes with the full iMindMap feature set, including free-form Brainstorm View, integration with visual task management app, DropTask and our award winning Presentation Builder.

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What’s included in iMindMap Home & Student and iMindMap Ultimate?

Home & Student Ultimate
$100 (1 User) $235 (1 User)
Subscription to iMindMap Cloud & Mobile 30 days 12 months
Insert Icons | Images | Notes | Links | Audio Notes
Export as image & PDF image
Branch Art
Brainstorm View
3D View | Text View
Presentation Builder & View
Create Flowcharts | Insert Spreadsheets
Project View & Task Panel
Integration with DropTask task management software
6 month subscription to DropTask Pro
Export as an 3D image, text document, webpage, spreadsheet, SVG & more
Activate on 2 computers for work & home
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iMindMap Cloud & Mobile gives you access to iMindMap
on any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.

  • Log into iMindMap apps on web browsers, iOS or Android devices
  • Store all Mind Maps on iMindMap Cloud

  • Sync, save and share your Mind Maps across all devices
  • Collaborate on Mind Maps with other users

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