Got some questions about iMindMap? Chances are, the answers are here! Read on to see some of the most frequently asked questions…

What are the purchasing options for iMindMap?

With iMindMap you have several options when it comes to buying:

- You can subscribe annually to iMindMap Cloud & Mobile and gain access to iMindMap mobile and web apps for Mind Mapping on the go, plus all of our Cloud features to allow you to sync maps across all of your devices, share them with other users and collaborate.

- You can buy iMindMap desktop software, available in the Home & Student edition or Ultimate edition. This is a one off payment and your license is for life. The desktop software contains our most powerful range of features.

Select Desktop software or Mobile & Web below for more FAQs on the different iMindMap platforms:


If I buy iMindMap desktop software, how long can I use it for? Will my license expire?

When you purchase iMindMap desktop software, your license is for life. We do not offer annual licenses, so rest assured, when you make the decision to use iMindMap you will not be forced to renew or pay a licence fee every year.

You simply pay a one off price for the license and you can continue using the Mind Mapping software forever – your license will NOT expire or time out.

The only time you will need to pay is if you want to upgrade your license to a future version of iMindMap.

What’s the difference between iMindMap desktop’s Home & Student and Ultimate editions?

Our Home & Student edition is ideal for making basic, personalised Mind Maps for your own use. iMindMap Ultimate, however, unlocks the more powerful features of iMindMap, such as Brainstorm View,3D View, Presentation View, DropTask integration for task management and much more. You can find a full feature comparison table below:

Feature Comparison

Can I try iMindMap desktop software before I buy?

Yes, you can download a free Mind Mapping software trial of iMindMap Ultimate, which will provide you with full functionality for 7 days.



We do not provide a seperate trial for Home & Student as we want to give you a trial which allows you to see everything that iMindMap has to offer before deciding to purchase.

How do I purchase iMindMap Home & Student or Ultimate?

To purchase a copy of iMindMap, visit the pricing page below:

iMindMap pricing


You can purchase the Mind Mapping software through our secure online checkout – by credit card. We accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Switch, Solo and American Express.

Is there any discount available if I buy more than one license?

We do offer great discounts for multi-user licenses – the more users you have, the cheaper each license is. You can take a look at the prices on offer on our Pricing page.

We also offer tailored licensing solutions for organisations and schools. For information on our competitive packages, contact our Sales Team for a quote.

Is iMindMap available in languages other than English?

All iMindMap desktop software is available in English, US English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Traditional Chinese and Danish.

Do you offer Mind Mapping training?

We provide a range of FREE and friendly Mind Mapping training resources to support, aid and reinforce your use of iMindMap. Resources include video tutorials, the searchable knowledge base and iMindMap guides. Visit our Support Centre to browse our Mind Mapping software resources.

To advance your knowledge we also provide a full set of iMindMap training courses. These include personalised online training; fully accredited courses on iMindMap and Mind Mapping; and bespoke Mind Mapping training services for education and corporate needs. Find out more.

Can you tell me what the system requirements are for iMindMap Home & Student and Ultimate?

iMindMap is compatible with Windows and Mac:


  • XP Service Pack 3 (32-bit), Vista (32/64-bit), Windows® 7 (32/64-bit) or Windows 8 (32/64-bit)
  • 1GHz or faster processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 400MB free hard disk space


  • OS X 10.7 Lion, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9 Mavericks and OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • 1GHz or faster processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 400MB free hard disk space

Please note, recent Yosemite updates are missing Java – you can download and install Java here.

What is iMindMap Cloud & Mobile?

iMindMap Cloud & Mobile is a subscription package that gives you full access to iMindMap mobile and web apps, including:

  • iMindMap apps for iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Android Tablet with the full feature sets
  • iMindMap for Web at
  • 1GB of storage in iMindMap Cloud for all your maps
  • Contacts & Sharing features so you can connect with other users to share maps

This means that you can log into iMindMap on any iOS or Android mobile device, or any web browser, and you will be able to create new Mind Maps, access all of your stored maps and any maps that people have shared with you. If you make changes to one of your maps on your iPad and then later log in at, all the changes you made to that map earlier will be synced and waiting for you. It’s your iMindMap, wherever you are.

Does iMindMap Cloud & Mobile work with iMindMap on my desktop?

Yes. If you are subscribed to iMindMap Cloud & Mobile you can access all of the Mind Maps you’ve created on your phone or tablet in the iMindMap desktop software as well, thanks to the Cloud.

Simply go to File > iMindMap Cloud in the desktop version and here you will see all of the maps that you have stored in the Cloud and maps that have been shared with you. You can save maps to iMindMap Cloud and open maps from iMindMap Cloud all within the desktop.

You will be able to use the same maps you created on your desktop when you’re out and about on your phone or tablet, and vice versa. So if you’re sitting on a train, you can make a plan for the day in iMindMap on your phone, sync it, and then open iMindMap on your desktop and the map will be there waiting.

Full access to iMindMap Cloud is only available if you have a subscription to iMindMap Cloud & Mobile. If you do not have iMindMap Cloud & Mobile, you will be able to store up to 5 maps in the Cloud and sync once every 24 hours.

How do I purchase iMindMap Cloud & Mobile?

You can subscribe to iMindMap Cloud & Mobile for 12 months by clicking below. You will be asked to create an iMindMap Account before subscribing, or to log in if you already have one, so that your subscription can be added to your account.

You will use your iMindMap Account to access the iMindMap mobile apps, and iMindMap Cloud in iMindMap desktop software.

Subscribe Now


Alternatively, if you have downloaded any of the mobile Mind Mapping apps, you can subscribe through the app. Just open the Settings (click Cog icon in the bottom right corner on iOS or bottom left on Android) and click ‘Buy’ to subscribe or top up your subscription.

Can I trial iMindMap Cloud & Mobile for free?

You can try out the different elements of iMindMap Cloud & Mobile for free anytime you want as long as you have an iMindMap Account. You can:

Then, if you decide you want to store all of your maps (up to 1GB) in the Cloud to use wherever you are, plus get premium app features, you can subscribe to iMindMap Cloud & Mobile at any time.

Are there any discounts available for education or companies?

We do offer generous discounts for multiuser packages. To get a quote, simply email our Sales Team with your name, school/institution/company and the number of users you wish to purchase iMindMap Cloud & Mobile for.

What happens when my subscription ends?

When your iMindMap Cloud & Mobile subscription comes to an end, your account will revert to the free version and you will find the features are limited.

Your subscription will not automatically renew (we find automatic renewals annoying, so we thought maybe you do too). If you wish to re-subscribe to iMindMap Cloud & Mobile, you can do this at any time through our website or through the mobile apps.

If I already have an iMindMap Cloud & Mobile subscription and purchase or receive another one, will that override my existing subscription?

No it won’t. Adding another subscription to your account will simply add the extra time onto the end of your existing subscription.

For example, if you subscribed to iMindMap Cloud & Mobile for 12 months ending in June 2015 and then received a free 12 month subscription with your purchase of iMindMap Ultimate, your subscription would now end in June 2016.

Are iMindMap Cloud & Mobile apps available in any other languages other than English?

iMindMap iOS apps are available in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Russian, Arabic and Vietnamese.

iMindMap Android apps are available in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Polish and Russian.

iMindMap for Web is supported in English and Japanese.

What are the requirements for iMindMap mobile and web apps?

iMindMap and iMindMap HD for Android:

  • Android 2.2 and up

iMindMap and iMindMap HD for iOS:

  • iOS 3.2 and up

iMindMap for Web at :

Supported in the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE8 and higher.
You must have Adobe Flash installed to edit maps online.
Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.

What is the difference between iMindMap Cloud & Mobile and iMindMap Cloud?

iMindMap Cloud & Mobile is the complete subscription package that includes access to iMindMap mobile and web apps. It also includes 1GB of storage for maps in iMindMap Cloud (beta) so that you can access your maps on all of the apps.

iMindMap Cloud simply refers to the digital space where you can store your iMindMap maps. By storing maps in the Cloud rather than locally on your computer, phone or tablet, you can access them on any device and any changes you make or new maps you create will be synced across all devices.

If you do not have a subscription to iMindMap Cloud & Mobile you will only be able to store up to 5 maps in iMindMap Cloud and only sync them once every 24 hours.

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