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Our unbeatable iMindMap Ultimate software comes with the full iMindMap feature set. Explore your creative Mind Mapping ideas in stunning 3D environments, design powerful presentations, plan projects and create budgets or strategies. Perform any task with creativity and without breaking a sweat.

With every feature designed to foster innovation and inspire your thinking, you can conquer complex tasks with flair and originality from the boardroom to the lecture theatre.

3D View

Watch your ideas come to life in awesome 3D when you create your Mind Maps in iMindMap’s 3D View. With 3D images and background environments, you can glide around your map from a multitude of angles.

Add a little drama to your Mind Mapping and try it out for a more interactive presentation experience. We guarantee it’ll be nothing like your audience has ever seen.

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Presentation Builder & View

Plan, create and deliver stand out presentations using iMindMap’s intuitive builder. Our slide builder allows you to choreograph a memorable path through your Mind Map presentation with a visual feast of rotating transitions, smooth animation and captivating 3D.

We’ve got your back during the presentation as well, with your own Presenter Screen to view your notes, timers and control any links to files, videos or websites. Plus, you can export your presentations as videos or upload them straight to YouTube for easy sharing!

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Integration with DropTask

We’ve teamed up with groundbreaking task management tool, DropTask, so you can move seamlessly from creating to actioning your ideas in completely visual and intuitive workspaces.

So, if you’re in a meeting and capturing the discussion in iMindMap, any time you decide on an action point, you can simply fire it over to DropTask without losing your stride. If you’ve planned out an entire project, you can export the whole map into DropTask to create a new project.

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Create Flowcharts

Incorporate processes into your Mind Maps with Flowcharts. Switch between radiant Mind Mapping and sequential flowcharting to capture your ideas in the most effective way.

Project Management

Manage Your Projects

Create task completions and milestones, view your maps as Gantt Charts or Task Tables and integrate with Outlook® for total control and advanced task management.

Office Integration

Office Integration

Working in harmony with your most-used desktop tools, Ultimate can effortlessly turn your Mind Maps into clean text documents, spreadsheets and webpages.

Map Snippets

Map Snippets

Snip parts of your map to create a Map Snippet that you can quickly paste into other maps. Perfect for branches you use a lot, such as resources for a project or a code you use to categorise.

iMindMap Clean Up

Clear the Clutter

With the lightning fast filtering system you can clear what you don’t need and focus on just the essentials. Filter by pretty much anything – keywords, icons, notes, task information or links.

Intelligent Feedback

Intelligent Feedback

Point out or comment on any part of a Mind Map, to give feedback, highlight problem areas or make suggestions to a colleague with our Comments system.

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