iMindMap Desktop Software

iMindMap Home and Student

iMindMap Home & Student

Our basic Mind Mapping software for students or home users creating simple Mind Maps.
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iMindMap Ultimate

iMindMap Ultimate

The powered up version – full feature set including stunning 3D, presentation view, office integration & flowcharts.
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Mind Map upgrade


Using an older version of iMindMap, or want to upgrade to Ultimate? You can make great savings by upgrading.

Buy iMindMap Ultimate and you will receive two online courses for FREE! Mind Mapping for Core Business Skills from Tony Buzan and Brainstorming That Works: A Crash Course in Creative Thinking

iMindMap Mobile


Download iMindMap for your iPhone or iPad for free.


Download iMindMap for your Android phone or tablet for free.

iMindMap Freedom

Subscribe to get the full mobile Mind Mapping feature set, plus sync your Mind Maps to iMindMap Cloud and share with other users.


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Books & Resources

Master Class

$195.00 buy now


$26.00 buy now


$120.00 buy now

Most Important Graph Book

$26.00 buy now

Most Important Graph DVD

$43.00 buy now

Brain Training

$10.00 buy now


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premium collection

The Premium Collection

The full medley of official Mind Mapping and creativity training resources, including books and DVDs from inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan.


Memory master collection

Memory Master Collection

A set of Tony Buzan’s official, exclusive memory training resources to give your memory the ultimate workout.


Business Collection

Business Collection

Develop corporate innovation strategies through these official Buzan books and DVDs, and gain the competitive edge.


Online Courses from Tony Buzan & Chris Griffiths

How to Mind Map

From Tony Buzan

Learn to capture information and ideas with the technique that is helping over 250 million people worldwide to be more organised, productive and creative. Learn More ?


Mind Mapping for Core Business Skills

Learn practical and repeatable Mind Mapping techniques to enhance your core business skills such as organisation, negotiation and presentations.
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Brainstorming That Works

A Crash Course in Creative Thinking

Overcome the basic (but deadly) mistakes that are crippling your creativity and blocking innovative solutions, with interactive exercises and techniques from Chris Griffiths.
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ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Courses

Our fully accredited creativity training courses will teach you to master key creative thinking skills that can transform your career. Innovation is the name of the game, whether you want to build new skills, or train others using our exclusive ThinkBuzan accredited trainer resources.

pThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor

Mind Mapping

Learn how to Mind Map, master the iMindMap software and unleash your creativity with our world leading trainers.

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Memory Licensed Instructor


Improve your memory and increase your brain capacity with World Memory Championships Founder, Tony Buzan.

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Speed Reading Instructor

Speed Reading

Boost your comprehension and productivity when you learn how to speed read with Tony Buzan.

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