For educators and students, we know time is at a premium and results must meet the highest standards. See how Mind Mapping and iMindMap can improve time efficiency, planning and preparation for creative and engaged learning.
You may like the idea of Mind Mapping, but you are an educator – one of the most pressured and stressful jobs around, according to BBC News -and you don’t have the time to learn a demanding technique or get to grips with another complicated software program. We agree, and that is why we have made it as simple as possible for you to use our software and we provide free articles, video tutorials and guides to help you get Mind Mapping quickly. Mind Mapping and iMindMap are used in schools and universities worldwide to:Learning difficulties

  • Make detailed curriculum plans, create personal schedules and timetables and prepare lessons concisely.
  • Create handouts, encourage student discussion and interaction and deliver engaging lessons.
  • Monitor and assess student progress, goal set and self-evaluate.




If you’re a student, we know you have enough information to take in already without adding more to the list. But Mind Mapping and iMindMap is different; it can help you improve your results and enjoy learning. Take a look at what you can do with Mind Mapping:
Studying with Mind Maps

  • Plan and write assignments, make study timetables and structure coursework.
  • Summarise information concisely, revise key ideas and forge connections between topics.
  • Generate creative ideas, form independent opinions and analyse information confidently.

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